Bots And Cyber Security

Bots And Cyber Security

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Today many big name companies say goodbye to your personal data because of their involvement with Bots and cyber security. There are many other smaller organizations that share the same opinion. In fact, a recent article in the New York Times refers to cyber attacks as a’security disaster’. Many experts say that the United States is engaged in a proxy cyber war against North Korea and Iran. So what do these companies mean by cyber security?

In today’s business world companies say goodbye to personal data because it can be used for their own advantage and detriment. It is not uncommon to hear executives say that they are going to bring in outside help because they do not have the time to keep up with cyber threats and vulnerabilities. They then take this out of context and say that they are going to put in managed security services to protect the company from outside threats and vulnerabilities. The problem is that when you put in managed security services what you are really doing is adding another layer of management. You are still managing but it is not the same as you would have managed with your team in house.

You may also hear executives say that they are going to partner with third party vendors to provide them with cyber situational awareness. Again the problem with this is that you are still managing but it is not the same as you would have had in the house. Third party vendors may have threat intelligence or they may even have malware on their computer network that could actually turn the tide of the fight against the hackers. This is why most companies are not willing to pay for real security. They want to rely on vendors who will provide them with a line of credit based on their performance in the security area.

On the other side of the coin you have companies that say goodbye to personal data because they will use artificial intelligence to help with business processes. Again this is not the same as your staff augmentation. Staff augmentation takes place when a company adds someone into the company for specific purposes. However, this does not happen with artificial intelligence that is designed to help companies with specific tasks. Again artificial intelligence may not be the right thing for all business processes, but what it can do is relieve some of the stress and burden on the CEO.

I think we can see a lot of potential in this area and this is why we should consider using chat bots for cyber security as well as anything else. It can help with all of our business processes, whether they are in sales, customer service, scheduling, supply chain, human resources, or any other aspect of running a business. It is not as if there are not enough things that humans can do these days, so why add artificial intelligence into the mix.

The idea behind this is to allow business owners to focus on running their business, while the bot squad looks after the hackers and other cyber criminals. This gives the CEO and the leadership the ability to have more time to deal with more pressing matters in the company. Some large companies have already started using these types of services, including Comic book giants such as DC comics, Marvel, and IDW. You can find out more information about these types of services and where to find the best ones by following the links below.

Cybersecurity Bots And Systems

The number one reason for losing valuable data is the ever present and prolific presence of cybersecurity bots. These programs are designed to attack and destroy your computer in a manner very similar to the attack the infamous “orks” used by hackers to shut down huge networks several years ago. If you want to be secure when using the internet, then you must install effective anti-spyware and anti-virus software on your computer. However, along with installing these security programs, you also need to practice extreme caution with websites you visit and chat with online. Bots are designed and thrive to steal personal information from your computer and use it for malicious purposes. Some of the most common forms of attacks include:

Address Book Theft: This occurs when a hacker obtains your account information such as email address and phone number. They then use this information to obtain a credit card number or any other type of sensitive information. Hackers can obtain passwords, pins, bank account numbers and even Social Security numbers. Another method that is used is the usage of “phishing” where hackers send fake emails that are phishing for personal details. You should avoid opening email attachments that you know are phishing. If you are unsure about opening an attachment, just delete it.

Personal Data Mining: A personal data mining attack involves the illegal capture and use of confidential information for the purpose of extortion or fraud. The most common techniques include the capturing of password, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and any other sensitive information. When surfing on the internet you should always check that you are on a secure site. If you have met all the above criteria and you have found a site that asks for your password, then do not proceed. Never click on any link contained within an email, because if it’s a scam then the hackers have already captured your data.

Backdoor Attack: A backdoor is a software tool that allows an authorized user to gain access to the operating system without proper authorization. For example, you can install some programs on your PC and later on change the settings to allow your laptop to communicate with them. This backdoor can be installed by the hackers with the help of tools called Trojans and backdoor tools. So even if you are a system administrator, you should never install programs manually. It is much better to let the IT professionals do that job.

Hidden Attack: A hidden attack is a very serious issue and it only happens when your system has an insecure configuration. The hacker can bypass all security measures and access your data. For instance, your system might be open to any outsider who can easily get root privileges. The most common form of this kind of attack is a “worm” which replicates itself over time.

These are just some of the attacks available to a cybersecurity bot system administrator. As these attacks are very sophisticated, it is always better to consult a professional. However, there are also some self-help guides available in the market which could be of great help to an informed cybersecurity operator.

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