UFOs, Are there really Aliens?

UFOs, Are there really Aliens?

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A lot of people wonder if the aliens are real or not. There are many conspiracy theories about the presence of aliens and UFOs. A US Government report stated on UFOs that it found no evidence regarding aliens but acknowledged that there were 143 reports of the “unidentified flying object” phenomenon since 2004 which were unexplainable.

The corresponding report was released by the office of the Director of National Intelligence with substantial input from the military. The public is always trying to unearth and deal with decades of speculation, rumours and conspiracy theories regarding UFOs and the aliens who are manning these flying objects..

There are several Navy Pilots who reported seeing UFOs while flying and were also able to film the intriguing flying objects. These sightings were done mainly during the months of 2014 and 2015. The pilots, some of them who spoke publicly say that the mysterious objects moved with exceptional speed, agility and acceleration which were not seen before. Some of the objects also went underwater and the technology was far greater than any technology created so far.

A recent rise in the Sightings

As the AirForce and Navy have put forth formal procedures to report any such unusual sightings, there have been many such reports regarding the unexplained sightings over the past couple of years. The Government has started using the term “ Unusual Aerial Phenomenon “ to avoid referring to them as UFOs and the stigma that often comes with talking about them.

The limited amount of high-quality reporting on these UFO sightings hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions. There are also speculations that these UFOs or UAPs are a part of some secret US military projects whose information is not allowed to be given to the public.

Also, it is believed that this could be a joint venture with different advanced countries having advanced aerial capabilities such as China or Russia. But this speculation is not backed by any proof.

All this information still does not provide the required evidence that aliens are present and people tend to believe this as some secret society’s advanced aerial project. For the UFO sceptics, this probably reinforces their doubts that aliens do periodically whizz past but do not bother to send a clear message to us. Even if the aliens do exist as per these people, they have yet to make an appearance publicly or the authorities have kept it secret till now.

Aside from American records, Canada is also keeping a record of UFOs and Aliens sightings. The Canadian records comprised 750 sightings of these extraterrestrial flying objects. These sightings have varied widely in reliability as judged by the number of witnesses, whether the witnesses were independent of each other, the observing conditions (e.g haze, fog, type of illumination) and the direction of the sighting.Typically, witnesses who take the time to record a sighting believe the object is either extraterrestrial or a military ship, although it is always under intelligent control. This assumption is frequently based on what seems to be formation flying by groups of objects, unnatural — often abrupt — motions, a lack of sound, changes in brightness or colour, and bizarre forms..

The ability of the naked eye to deceive is widely established. A brilliant light, such as the planet Venus, appears to move rather often. Drivers may be disturbed by astronomical objects that appear to “follow” the vehicle. Visual impressions of UFO distance and speed are particularly incorrect since they are based on an estimated size and are frequently taken against a blank sky with no backdrop object to determine a maximum distance (clouds, mountains, etc.). Superimposed views are created by reflections from windows and eyeglasses, and complicated optical systems, such as camera lenses, may transform point sources of light into saucer-shaped occurrences. Many visual UFO claims are known to be based on optical illusions and the psychological impulse to interpret pictures, and at least some sightings are known to be hoaxes. While radar sightings are more trustworthy in certain ways, they cannot distinguish between manufactured objects and meteor trails, ionised gas, rain, or temperature discontinuities in the atmosphere.

Abductions and other “contact episodes” are frequently linked to UFOs because they are attributed to alien visitors. However, the credibility of the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) as an explanation for abductions is disputed by most psychologists who investigate this phenomenon. It is suggested by them that this occurs due to a common experience known as “ Sleep Paralysis” as this causes sleepers to experience temporary immobility and a hunch that they are constantly being watched by someone or something.

This information sheds light on the experiences seen by different people in which mostly the views are blurred or not clear enough to give out any specific verdict.

While alien hunters spend a lot of time looking for habitable planets outside of our solar system, a new research advises that scientists shouldn’t ignore nature’s most extreme objects:Black holes. Because black holes may emit up to 100,000 times the energy of a star like our sun, they could be attractive targets for alien civilizations seeking to fuel their interstellar ventures, according to the study’s authors. Aliens may achieve this by stealing energy from the disc of white-hot matter spinning around a black hole’s horizon with high-tech devices called Dyson spheres (huge, energy-siphoning orbs initially imagined in the 1960s), and then projecting that energy into space. The authors of the study speculated that the re-radiated energy would produce a specific wavelength signature that astronomers might detect from Earth. The researchers are presently working on methods to look for those telltale signs in existing telescope data.

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