What Are The Motivations Behind Cyber Crimes Like Identity Theft?

What Are The Motivations Behind Cyber Crimes Like Identity Theft?

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What are the common motivations behind cyber crimes such as identity theft? Cyber crimes are a serious and growing crime in the United States and around the world. Unfortunately, the most common reason for a cyber crime is financial fraud. An individual who commits a cyber crime can benefit from stiff penalties under federal and some state laws.

Theft of intellectual property. Internet hackers steal proprietary information, trade secrets, and databases containing valuable business information for profit. Some cyber criminals hack into companies’ computer networks and illegally extract confidential information. Others use their influence to gain access to federal agencies and trade secret information that companies store on their computer networks. If a company suspects any threat to its intellectual property, it must alert federal authorities and engage in an aggressive cyber security program.

Money laundering. Cyber criminals also may use their influence to use computers to conduct illegal transactions, such as financial fraud. Hackers obtain access to companies’ networks, corrupt employee files, and use stolen credit card and banking information to transfer money. What are the motivations behind cyber crimes like identity theft?

Cyber criminals take advantage of a lack of information awareness. Many companies store critical information online. In some cases, they fail to update that information or shred documents that contain sensitive data. With the help of a computer and Internet connection, an online thief can easily obtain sensitive financial information. He may then apply for new credit cards or access existing ones, making it easier to drain a company’s finances.

Cyber crimes like identity theft and what are the motivations behind cyber crimes like identity theft need federal attention. If federal investigators get hold of a cyber criminal in any state, they can bring him to justice. Federal authorities and state enforcement agents work together in arresting cyber criminals and stopping the illegal flow of information across state lines.

As the incidents of cyber crimes continue to rise, the federal government has a key mission to protect the public from what are the motivations behind cyber crime. The Department of Justice participates in training, conducting research, and deploying resources to address this crime on a national level. The Federal Trade Commission also has a cyber unit that interferes with cyber criminals. Each year, the government hosts a cyber summit to discuss ways to improve the security of cyberspace. However, there is no national strategy to address cyber crime. Efforts are being made to develop international standards for deterring and prosecuting cyber criminals.

Motives Of Cyber Crimes Like Identity Theft

Motivations behind cyber crimes like identity theft are so numerous and complicated that they render it almost impossible to formulate an effective response or prevention method. Cyber criminals have evolved their modus operandi and techniques over the years, and their reach is only getting larger every year. In fact, many experts believe that the scope and number of cyber crimes are so vast, it is practically impossible to come up with a list of all possible cyber crimes, even if the internet were mapped out on a map. That said, there are still ways to minimize the impact of these criminal acts on individuals. One of the best ways is to understand what drives these criminals and how you can avoid becoming a victim.

There are four common motives behind cyber-theft, and these include financial gain, revenge, pornography, and other adult oriented web sites. What makes the problem particularly serious today is that the internet has become a major means of communication for millions of people, and unfortunately the internet can also be a tool for predators to exploit women who are online. While the majority of internet users are not interested in becoming victims of identity theft, many of them will be surprised by the unscrupulous behavior exhibited by some of the more unsavory internet users.

Financial motivations behind cyber theft are fairly easy to recognize. Just about anyone with internet access can take advantage of social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook to create a fake social security number and use that number to apply for credit cards, buy merchandise, or anything else that might seem a bit sketchy. Credit card fraud is a very real problem, and this is one of the most common reasons why identity theft occurs. By creating a fake account in your name, internet thieves are able to use your credit card without your consent. You may have received emails from someone offering you a “free” gift or service, but you really did not win any kind of “free” gift or service. Just keep in mind that you must cancel the account if you don’t want to be billed.

Online sex offenders find their new victims through websites such as predator alert, which is a national database that allows anyone to report a sexual offender. Anytime you think that someone you know has been in contact with a sexual offender, you should immediately notify the proper authorities. Cyber criminals typically use the internet to place ads looking for victims, and there is often a great deal of personal information that can be gathered from social networking websites, including contact details and photos. Once you have the information that you need, you can then either report the criminal activity to the police or perform your own private investigation to see if you can learn more about the individuals behind the cyber crimes.

Theft of wallets and purses from your pocketbags and jackets is another way that criminals get into your private life. Many times, victims will notice that their bank or credit card statements have disappeared, and they might wonder where this has come from. If you do find out that a number of your debit cards have disappeared, you should report it to your financial institution immediately, because this could be a sign of internet fraud. Your bank will either contact you directly about the matter, or they will perform an internal investigation to find out if you are responsible for the fraudulent charges on your account. There are many cases of internet users stealing money from other people using their debit accounts. In order to avoid having your own bank account emptied, you should freeze all of your bank accounts to make it impossible for anyone to withdraw any money without your authorization.

Internet users are encouraged to take a few simple precautions to protect themselves and their personal information from cyber criminals. Although the internet is an amazing thing, it can be very dangerous if you spend too much time on it by becoming too attached to your personal computer. If you have sensitive information, be sure to store it in a safe place, such as in a safety deposit box or fireproof storage unit. Never give out your PIN number online, and be sure to use reputable companies when you make purchases over the internet. By educating yourself about cyber crime, you can help law enforcement officials keep the internet safe for everyone.

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